What is SFL?


By 2030, America's farms, ranches and forests are at the forefront of resolving food system, energy, environmental and climate challenges and achieving global sustainable development goals.

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  • Incubate and advance pragmatic, proven and innovative agricultural solutions that benefit producers, the public and the planet.
  • Inspire, educate, and equip agricultural partners to innovate and lead efforts to sustain productivity, enhance climate resilience, and contribute to local and global goals for sustainable development.

How We Work

SfL's nationwide network of agricultural leaders provides a powerful voice that connects with a diverse audience, inspires farmers to do more, and mobilizes public demand and support for solutions from the land.
  • North America and Global Climate Smart Agriculture Alliances
  • SfL builds and facilitates state, national and global initiatives and alliances through which farmers, ranchers, foresters and collaborating partners discover examples of innovation and proactively advocate for policies, partnerships, investments and research that will enable agricultural landscapes to deliver near-term, cost-effective, integrated solutions to global mega-challenges: food & energy security; sustainable economic development; and environmental improvement.

SfL at Work

  • North America and Global Climate Smart Agriculture Alliances
  • North Carolina, Florida and Missouri Climate Smart Agriculture Work Groups
  • Ohio Smart Agriculture: Solutions from the Land Initiative
  • Delmarva Land & Litter Challenge
  • UNFCCC Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture
  • FAO Initiatives on Food Security and AgroEcology
  • 25x'25 Renewable Energy Alliance